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As Summer Ends, We’re Preparing for Autumn

Autumn is a special time in Ireland and a fine time to fish the rivers and lakes. Warm evenings herald the arrival of the sedges and toward the end of the season the trout may be given a final feast of Daddy Long Legs that can produce excellent top of the water sport. Later in the season, Streamer fishing picks up as the weather worsens and the nastiest days in the Autumn can be great for fishing big flies.

On warm, stable days with light or calm winds, you might see mayfly hatches. Autumn mayflies come in several varieties: small olive mayflies, tiny olive mayflies, and ridiculously tiny olive mayflies. That’s an exaggeration, but small olives are by far the most abundant mayflies from September through November. You should not even get within earshot of a lake or river without plenty of olive emergers and dries.

Until the first hard frost, and sometimes even after, Daddy Long Legs are very important trout foods. In the Autumn, a Daddy Long Legs is great for prospecting when no trout are rising as are the typical Wulff. Lacking a Daddy Long Legs, anything that looks like hoppers or other large terrestrial insects will work very well.

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Tight Lines!

Good Weather, Great Fishing

Have you been out fishing lately? If not, you’re missing out! This recent bout of good weather is the ideal time to get in a few hours of decent fishing. Don’t forget to stock up on some of our new streamers. These flies are ideal for replicating a number of trout favorites and provide consistently good results on rivers and lakes alike.

Looking for somewhere to fish? We’ve recently added a new section to the site that details some of our favorite fishing spots. Take a look at our fisheries listing for more details, including a map and some key information that will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Maybe you already have a favorite spot, but you’re just wondering what flies to use? Take a look at our hatch charts for detailed information on what flies to use, where and when. We have grouped locations by region and provided a handy breakdown of the best flies to use at specific times of the year for each lake or river.

We’ve Added New Flies

Over the last few months we’ve been sampling some new candidates and have settled on a handful of top quality flies to add to our existing product range. These new streamers and eggs offer anglers excellent alternatives to the traditional wet  and dry flies. Based on our trials, they’re very popular with the trout – get yours today.

We have also added a new section to our web sites, providing useful information about local fisheries. As of writing, we’ve only compiled information on four of our favorites, but check back regularly for updates and new listings as we take our new flies further afield.

Tight Lines!