Flies of Ireland

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The Sound of the River

The brown trout is a native Irish species and the most widely distributed freshwater fish in the country. It thrives in waters of all types, from lazy rivers to large limestone lakes. You can find them anywhere there is clean water and gravel in which to spawn.

Unfortunately, the wild brown trout’s habitat is diminishing all over Europe. On the other hand, Ireland offers 15,000 miles of rivers and tributaries, along with a large numbers of lakes where the angler and fly fisher can indulge in the pursuit of wild trout in their natural habitat.

Fly fishing takes some skill and planning though. The prepared angler has a higher chance of success. Hatch charts are very helpful in determining what flies are in season for specific locations.

At Flies of Ireland, we have researched and curated a special collection of the most popular flies for Irish waters. We offer both wet and dry varieties, in addition to our most flagship Flies of Ireland collection.

Tight Lines!