Flies of Ireland

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EggsWhen the spring season rolls around, many changes in the river and lake environments begin to take place. These changes trigger the annual migration of fish to the streams of their birth to repeat the spawning process. It is this spawning process and resultant abundance of eggs that contribute to some of the best fishing during this time of year.

One of the most productive and rewarding fly fishing techniques at this time of the year is egg fishing for trout and salmon. Most fish, salmon and trout included, have a particular penchant for fresh eggs. In fact, natural eggs that come from spawning fish make up a significant percentage of the seasonal food for trout and salmon.

Fishing with Eggs

Pre-spawn fish position themselves downstream from other spawning fish, with the goal of catching any eggs that wash out of the spawning beds. Fish eggs typically contain the basic nutrients, such as protein and carbohydrates that will fatten fish quickly.

Egg fishing itself may sound relatively simple. However, egg fishing is not straightforward: it can be frustrating for beginners and anglers should expect to lose a number of flies as a result of catching on the river or lake bed or foul-hooking a fish. Presenting an egg fly requires a certain amount of skill, given that the ideal position is either bouncing off the river or lake bed, or sitting in an area of water flora.