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Royal Wulff


Hook Size: 12

Season: Any

Natural Fly: Sedge

Time: Dawn or Dusk

Where: Slow or Fast Water

Tips: This fly works really well on days when a cold wind ruffles the water surface and when the river or stream is swollen from overnight rains. Work upstream and fish a big fly into the spots where the fish gather to shelter from the current. Let the fly drift for a little way and then give it a gentle tweak to create a tiny wake on the water surface to suggest life. Look for that small patch of calmer water directly behind larger rocks or the quieter area found between two meeting currents.

The Royal Wulff is a dry fly that is related to the British Coachman and is one that anglers have fished with great success for decades. This buggy dry fly imitates many different types of mayflies and terrestrials, too. A great dry fly for prospecting; it can be fished in slow or fast water.

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