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Daddy Long Legs


Hook Size: 12

Season: June to September

Natural Fly: Crane (Tipulidae)

Time: All Day

Where: Reservoirs and Lakes

Tips: A big, ungainly but excellent trout fly that tumbles across the water. These flies are particularly important to the reservoir, lake or loch angler, because a large expanse of water is often too great a distance for these insects to fly across. When a take does occur resist the temptation to strike, as the trout will often try to drown the fly first, before taking it in its mouth. Wait until the line starts to run out, then lift the rod high to set the hook. Drag the fly through a heavy ripple, or waves and the trout will often respond with a positive take.

Over 300 different species of crane fly populate all kinds of water. Commonly known as ‘daddy-long-legs,’ they are classified as part of the Tipulidae biological family. The biggest (Tipulidae Maxi) has a wing span of around 65mm and the smallest has only a modest 15mm wing span. Daddies are a familiar sight at the water side from June onwards. They are often blown onto the water surface where they struggle in their attempts to become air-borne once more. Such large insects present a good mouthful to the trout, which respond quickly.

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