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Chartreuse Eggs


Hook Size: 10

Season: When fish are feeding on eggs

Natural Fly: Fish Eggs

Time: All Day

Where: Bottom Feeders

Tips: Fly fishing with eggs can be done with just about any ordinary rod and reel combination, but anglers should bear in mind these points to get the full benefit from these unique flies. Leader lengths should be tailored to the size of the river you are planning on fishing. Leaders of 9 foot are great for most waters while 7 1/2-foot leaders are good for smaller streams. Stout tippets should be used to resist the shock of fighting fish on a taught line.

This is a beautifully hand-crafted fly based on the original Glo Bug that developed in Northern California. The fly is made from a special high loft yarn that when tied to the hook with extreme pressure is trimmed to make a rough ball. When wet, the ball turns translucent and simulates a group of eggs well enough to fool the most discerning fish. The orange egg fly actually simulates a group of fresh eggs and is very effective in the late winter & early spring with actively foraging fish. These flies are green with a slight green discoloration on top. The hooks are extra strong, beaked, chrome and razor sharp.

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