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Black Gnat


Hook Size: 12

Season: Any

Natural Fly: Gnat (Culcidae)

Time: Daytime

Where: Near Shore

Tips: There are times on the river when you see clouds of small black insects hovering over the water. Inevitably some of these will fall into the water and trout will eat them. Use this black gnat when you see these swarms of bugs in the air and there is no sustained hatch going on. This small dry fly for trout is a great imitator for any dark insect.

Anglers use the term Black Gnat to describe a number of flat winged flies, but the Common Gnat belongs to the Culcidae insect group. It is strange to note that this fly’s body is not black at all. The female has a dark olive brown body. The male is darker still and as near black as to make no difference. These flies fall or get blown on to the water and trout are very partial to them. Gnats are prolific from late spring till the end of the trout fishing season.

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