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Hook Size: 10

Season: Any

Natural Fly: Heather Fly (Bibio Pomonae)

Time: Any

Where: Anywhere

Tips: The Bibio is a fly not to be without, great in all situations but especially for wild Brown Trout. For the best results, try fishing them in teams of two or three flies on either floating or intermediate lines. Bobbing on the surface film, creating a enough of a little wake to attract the fish. It can also be twitched or pulled temptingly just under the water’s surface with great success.

The Bibio is a very popular Trout pattern, and for good reason. The Bibio’s hackles produce that pulsating alluring action that trout find irresistible. With a substantial number of derivates, the Bibio has become not only a classic but also a fly that many fly fishers resort to because of its ability to imitate anything from a duck fly to a beetle.

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