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Favorite Fishing Spots

Favorite Fishing Spots

Most fishermen have their personal favorite places to fish. Unfortunately, some fishermen like to keep these favorite places a secret. This may seem like a good idea to some, but in opinion it takes the social and competitive elements out of fishing. Another benefit of a well known location is that the foot traffic tends to prevent overgrowth of wild plants. We at Flies of Ireland believe in sharing our favorite lakes, rivers, and private fisheries with you.

We assess all the locations we fish on a scale of one to five. We look at a number of factors when coming up with a rating including the facilities, ease of access, cost and difficulty. Although we’re experienced fishermen, our favorite fishing spots tend to be ones that present a challenge but where beginners can also have some fun.

New Water

For those of you who travel to new water, you are probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling of; “what do I do now?” To prepare, some form of basic reconnaissance is generally in order. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work when it comes to our favorite fishing spots. We’ve assessed each location for facilities, policies, cost and the best flies to use.

Our Favorite Fishing Spots

The locations we’ve collected on the map represent our favorite fishing spots. They have all earned high marks (4+ stars) under our rating system. We like fishing spots that are well stocked, have some facilities and present us with a bit of a challenge. Click on any of the blue place markers to find out more about the fishery.

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Get Listed!

If you own or manage a private fishery and would like to be considered for inclusion on our list of favorite fishing spots, please contact us about arranging a visit.