Flies of Ireland

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Are All The Flies Hand Made?

Yes – each of our flies are handmade by local craftsmen and unique; no two fishing flies will ever be exactly the same.

Are All The Flies Suitable For Competition?

We make every attempt to produce high quality and standardized flies. However, we cannot guarantee that all the flies on our site comply with individual competition regulations because of wide variations in competition rules.

What Hooks Are Flies of Ireland Flies Tied On?

The hooks are Mustad Signature.

What Materials Are Used to Make Flies?

Flies of Ireland source the highest quality materials from a number of manufacturers. Each fly has it’s own tying pattern and set of materials, which are listed in the description. Although there are too many specific materials to mention, some example materials include Arctic Fox for the wings, Marabou for the tails,┬áMustad hooks and combination high quality floss & tinsel for the body.